Specialist Consultants

This message is for Specialist Consultants in Uncommon Success.

Specialist Consultants are one of the key areas that will allow Uncommon Success to change the world.

We must return to Master - Apprentice education over factory farm schooling.


Together we can upgrade mankind’s athletic future.

While trillions go into speculation, big tech & “green” energy the most important physical asset in the world is deteriorating.


As the bodies of the masses deteriorate so too do the minds.

Classically gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, obstacle courses, ballroom dancing & ballet built a cultural movement foundation.

Young people rode bikes, climbed trees & played sports daily.

This foundation is disappearing fast from our cultural heritage.

Uncommon Athletic Coaches are upgrading the athletic future of mankind.


Master - Apprentice relationships and mentoring have worked throughout the ages.

They still work today.

Consuming content doesn’t work.

The paradigm must change for the reality to change.

We’re building the ultimate athletic solution.

Bringing like-minded world-leading coaches from different fields together can impact all levels of mankind’s athletic ability from children to pro athletes to elderly.

How it works:

  • PRO players (and soon Uncommon Men) can purchase specialist consulting with UNCOM tokens.
  • Players earn the UNCOM tokens by getting better.

What’s in it for consultants?

You get:

  • Contribute to Uncommon Success & to the lives of enthusiastic men.
  • Practice doing paid consulting with elite men & enthusiastic beginners finding their path in life.
  • Status from mentoring top coaches & men from around the world.
  • Connect with the other specialist consultants in a private chat & connect calls.
  • Monthly exclusive mastermind for consultants.
  • The quality of consultants will continue to increase as the network grows.
  • Early access to LIVE events & exclusive in-person events for specialist consultants.
  • Opportunity to present at Uncommon Workshops.

The Details:

  • Some consultants have or are accumulating significant amounts of UNCOM tokens or real-estate investments that will increase in value as Uncommon Success expands.
  • Consults are credited at $50-$100 per hour for their consulting. This means 50-100 hours of consulting will cover 12 months access to the PRO network. Uncommon PRO is a four-year program.
  • Consultants receive UNCOM token which can be used to pay for village stays, investments, consults & more potential uses in the future.
  • Holding over 500 UNCOM (Silver) or 5000 UNCOM (Gold) has additional & future rewards.
  • Like all crypto tokens, there is speculative value to the UNCOM token based on supply & demand.
  • NETWORK EFFECT is more important than money for leaders in 2024. Specialists gain rare network effects.

Making More Money Together:

  • Only specialist consultants are allowed to offer their services to Uncommon Pro players. Luke Carter has made multiple tens of thousands in this way. He will not be the last.
  • We’ll likely soon expand this to include Uncommon Man app users.
  • We may also create a public marketplace for Uncommon Specialist Consultants.
  • Specialist Consultants wanting to sell products should have an UNCOM code for their products. This code will allow uncommon men to claim token rewards for buying from Specialist Consultants.
  • We ask for a 20-50% affiliate deal if you choose to sell within the Uncommon network. 20% for consulting and coaching. 50% for e-books and static, low-service offers. This supports the growth of the network, and villages. It also helps us avoid people only joining the network to try to sell to other players which damages the culture & the product.
  • Uncommon Success offers a 20% affiliate fee (Currently $1k) for paid-in-full PRO players and 10% for payment plan or referrals who come through the sales funnel - setting + sales call.

Making More Money:

  • A small budget will be allocated to Specialist Consultants wanting to cash out UNCOM tokens each quarter. Up to 50% of tokens earned can be cashed out. The first date for this will be at the end of Q1. If the market price of UNCOM is favourable for you then you can cash out on exchange.

* Note that a strong token price adds value to all players.

In summary, Uncommon Specialist Consultants is for gentlemen who:

  • Love adding value to the lives of other men and who love sharing their passion.
  • Value expanding their network & testimonials all over the world.
  • Are committed to Uncommon Success for the long term.
  • Are in a stable financial position with good prospects for their business.
  • Would like to hold or invest UNCOM token in villages or consulting.
  • Would like to present at monthly workshops & round-table events.

Please DM with any feedback or questions.