The Scale Solution = Endless Qualified Warm Leads

You are one Scale Solution away from life on your terms.

All the business coaches are telling you “pay for ads” THEN give value > either in the ad, on the call or in a funnel.

But spending thousands on agencies is far from a guarantee of an outcome.

Agencies have the budgets to pay for leads & sales teams and it’s a strategy that works for them. They want you to invest multiple thousands per month for their services even BEFORE you’ve got hundreds of success stories!

Enter The Scale Solution… lead with value to make money & improve your skills while gaining the essential trust for high ticket sales.

Scale Solutions are fast to create & fast to consume for the future high value customer. There are 7 types of Scale Solutions for you to choose from based on your unique strengths & product.

I just got 1,000 engaged leads in 10 days using Scale Solutions & 70 new credit cards on file in 10 days using this method.

The MULTIPLIER… when you deliver your Scale Solutions to Uncommon Players you gain LEVERAGE.

Leverage is the number one asset in 2024. Testimonials from elite men from all around the world… different accents, professions, flags.

Social proof is the number one thing you need to expand your brand.

And so the virtuous cycle that Ben Patrick & others experienced begins. Ben’s biggest audience was in Australia & 3/5 of his biggest cities were in Australia for his first 2 years in partnership. Ben worked for free for RealMVMT for these 2 years because he was making thousands of dollars in his own brand.

The same happened for dozens of other brands that now have 10k, 50k or 100k+ followers.

And it all begins with Scale Solutions. Ben’s $25 solution (ATG Zero) went viral and changed the way the world trains forever.

Your rate of success depends on the quality of your Scale Solution & the number of people you can get it in front of.

High Status Leverage

While tens of thousands of followers are great… they aren’t worth a fraction of what High Status Leverage can offer.

High Status Leverage is what you’ll find ALL OVER your favorite influencers products. The status & caliber of the men in Uncommon Pro increases daily.

Brand Purgatory

The opposite of this is also true.

The average man building a brand is “Negative Advertising” by showing he has no status, no credibility, no testimonials & no experience.

And this is what the elephant in the room the “business gurus” and get rich agency solutions won’t touch.

Their strategies work for winners.

Their strategies don’t BUILD WINNERS from Ground Zero.


Knowing your brothers will be testing your Scale Solution & having a due date for release means you’re finally going to test your ideas 💡!

You’ll finally make the transition from consumer to producer. From worker class to mercantile class.

Making $500 from your first low-ticket sale on the back of a winning Scale Solution is not the same as making $500 driving UBER or on a crypto pump! Why?

Because you did it!

You made it happen!

While there are literally tens of thousands of people offering to teach you how to make money online there are ZERO other programs like Uncommon Success.

What’s so unique?

1. 24 hour live brotherhood meeting.

2. Real high status users to test your solution, help you refine it to and then get it out to the world as scale!

3. Pro Sports Gamification

Every week we take a scorecard

Bottom line is you’re going to finish Scale Solutions with more experience, more confidence, more testimonials, a better product & endless warm leads that give you life on your terms.

If you haven’t generated 1,000+ warm organic leads… you’re not finished!

I’d love for you to experience what it’s like to make tens of thousands of dollars while traveling the world building villages with your family BUT it’s up to you.

Life on your terms means you decide what you do after you build a solution that makes the world a better place.

After The Scale Solution we can teach you the rest of the Freedom Business System all the way through scale & exit if that’s what you want. Honestly everything else is simple once you have this one puzzle 🧩 piece in place.

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