Quadrivium - Re-Invitation

Men of high standards…

We must expand.

I spoke to a university student today who at 25 has been forced to close all other bank accounts & ask permission for every purchase.

Strange times have become rapidly stranger in the last decade.

2020 was nothing like 2010. 2040 will be nothing like 2030.

In 2024 we have great opportunity.

We are the market makers.

Everyone here is objectively top 1% in what they do.

Some have top 1% income, some top 1% wealth.

As “self-made” men we don’t generally have the “old-wealth” generational succession mentality.

We also lack the “old boys club” that ensures billionaires bounce back from bankruptcy in a few years.

BUT… we have that opportunity here.

We have resources.

We have intelligence.

There are 1,000+ men who’ve invested in uncommon success.

We have barely begun.

Nicolas De Paoli has created the number one location in the world for men to expand.

His number 2 location & family location are under construction.

The Mission.

4x your network & networth in 2024 with 4 four focussed hours per day.



Able? 100%


We’ll be meeting every Thursday to review scorecards & strategies.

You’re also welcome to participate in Uncommon PRO player daily clarity sessions which happen every 4 hours in the Disciplined Action Brotherhood.

Like DENSE & RANGE we have breakthrough success technologies.

(I gained this strategy from a 24 year old with a $65M company portfolio. The collective impact will be explosive 🧨 .)

1% players will be meeting in late March in Mexico 🇲🇽 to review Q1.

We will mastermind on Telegram & weekly calls to athletic, richer & smarter by end March.

My 2024 Targets 🎯


1,000 pro players in 2024

50 engaged 1% Quadrivium men.


Land from above head height 100 times in one session. + uncommon athletics 25 minutes+ per day.


250k+ MRR.


Consistent 4 hour work days.

4 hours school days with children.

Daily self knowledge practice (1-3 hours)

Detach from personal social media account dependence before end 2024.

2025 & beyond… Live alongside 1% brothers & their families year round.

2023 Quadrivium 1% was executed poorly.

I’ve changed my team (added Seb A) & personal organization to make it a priority.

This 1% is the key 🔑 to the life I want.

Money 💰 can’t buy what will be built here.

1% is the end game.

I appreciate your contributions to my journey & to PRO so far.

2024 is new opportunity.

In January we will prove the concept.

Please share your vision for 2024 to build the momentum towards Thursday’s (Friday for some) call.

Greece 🇬🇷, Portugal 🇵🇹 , Canada 🇨🇦, Morocco 🇲🇦  events are likely in 2024…

Some will be villages.

We also have a model to have UNCOM share houses like Mexico & Florida in more locations.

Over to you to share your vision for 2024!