Lean Countdown Diet

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1. Track your morning photo & weight in the group.

2. Follow the food plan.

  • Report into the chat each day about your progress.

Lean Countdown Diet is easier than fasting but similar for fat loss.

PLUS most get to gain muscle & get stronger (if you're not already extremely well developed).

25-Day Challenge / Food Plan

Start with 5 lean days (only eat lean meat).

Then either have a day of fatty meats or a cheat meal. If you're over 12% body fat I suggest a fatty meal of all you can eat but either way can work depending on your goals and challenges.

Then 4 days lean.

Then either have a day of fatty meats or a cheat meal.

Then 3 days lean.

Then either have a day of fatty meats or a cheat meal.

Then 2 days lean.

And so on...


Only progress to lower days if you have significantly decreased scale weight or waist measurement or another objective measure.

INTRO STATISTICS (send this to the group chat)

  • Good quality shirtless before-photo, ideally full body

Name: Keegan Smith

Current Location (Origin): Mexico (Australia)

Current bodyweight: 82kg

Height: 181cm

Body fat: 9% (< this can be estimated using the info in the MAN app Muscle number page)

Current Muscle Number: 93

Ideal Muscle Number: 100 (you choose this for you based on your sport / ideal)

Ideal bodyweight: 85.5kg

I need to increase/decrease weight by: 0.5kg

I need to decrease body fat by: 1%

If you have any questions, ask in the group chat.

Muscle Number calculator is in the MAN.uncom.io APP. Go to that domain and create an account. (Do it from Safari, it’s free)

See Results & Learn More Here:

Why LCD?


What am I allowed to eat on the lean days?

Only lean meats. Chicken breast, lean beef, lean pork, lean lamb, liver, egg whites and so on.

Can I eat veggies?

Green🥬 veggies are allowed. Other veggies are not part of the protocol.

How should the meat be prepared on the lean days?

Try your best to avoid oils. Grill/bbq is a great option. Frying in the pan with small amounts of butter is allowed.

Crock pot. Oven.

1 contestant prepared his meat in an airfryer. That works as well.

Any method that doesn’t require excessive amounts of fats is good.

How do I update on my progress?

Update in the group chat.

  1. Progress picture every morning
  2. Morning weight

In the intro video, you mentioned doing dense daily while following the plan. Where do we find the training program for the dense exercises?


How do I use the muscle number calculator?

  1. Go to man.uncom.io
  2. Sign Up (it’s free)
  3. Complete the on-boarding
  4. Once you have gotten through on-boarding, find your way to the “muscle number” tab on the left side of your screen
  5. Fill in the criteria on the page

If you have other questions, send it in the group chat

Bonus Video: