EMC Stories

Jack May - Business Wins & Community.

Launched a business. Now tracking at $200k with 90 minutes presenting time per week.

7-figure potential with a smoother on-boarding process.

I’m the prize.

Identifying with that has shifted the way I talk on sales calls which give more authority and allows me to hold them to higher standard.

Other than that I think the constant touch points of exposures to his mind and the way it thinks has been really fascinating.

And then the community/peer group has been huge. Stu, Nath, Paul and Dan all locally then the sunny coast crew, Keegs, Brando and Graham it’s epic.

Graham Tuttle

Massive output! New program is online.

"I learned what investing means and how money works.

I built an online business from scratch basically.

I developed an entirely new set of skills around psychology, coaching, and interpersonal communication.

I learned the basic frameworks on revenue generating skills like copywriting, sales, and marketing.

I expanded my frame of reference for the world to be able to see new opportunities, let go of old patterns, and embrace change/difficulty effectively.

I grew a new network of people going hard in business and life."

Maxime Hamou

EMC was putting words on what I felt my entire life.

Getting clarity about the social engineering, realizing we are in control of our own destiny.

230 people in a group around cryptos in French!

Helped a lot of EMC members begin their Crypto journey.

Lyndon Holzheimer

Launched Lifestyle Fastlane

Took people through Lifestyle Audit calls.

Built his own off-grid solution which could become a good win.

Launching a project on Vanuatu with Keegan.

Gautam Yadav

Two big things have changed :

1) Before meeting you guys, I was more of the mentality that to be big you gotta pick one thing and specialise (I was thinking of specialising in direct tax laws) but in the past 6 months have realised that it's a stupid way to do things.

For starters you don't even have enough knowledge of things on a surface level to know what would suit you for specialisation. But more importantly, the generalist can achieve big things too and it's more interesting to live that way. If specialisation happens, it will be more of a natural process after I explore it all. I am trying to develop my skill with copywriting but if some other thing comes along that's more interesting, I'd be down to leave copy for a bit and explore that, build some skill there. Then maybe revisit copy. Just learn whatever is available to learn.

2) I am less afraid for my career at this point.

I think this belief was already there to some extent but Paul reinforced it, that I don't have to follow a set path (before I met you, this was a big stumbling block, college had convinced me that the only option is law). Now I am more comfortable with the not knowing. The source of comfort is more that I am willing to struggle back up from zero if things were to go wrong at any point in life.

Mark Stoneman

EMC for me has opened the ability to observe things from different angles and not get emotional like I used to! That and breaking away from social engineering, still massively trapped by some thinking but a far better view of things to date.

Zak Woodward

"Well there’s a ton of stuff that’s changed in the last 6-8 months from starting to train on my own to getting into the gym I’m at now. Biggest business related things would probably be investments. Definitely starting to expand my vision of business and society and education. Still in the brainstorming/early stages of making tangible moves in terms of business, products, marketing and things like that."

Big improvements in cashflow and possibilities for the future.

Nicholas Mudaliar

"Focus on long term wealth and freedom instead of incomeIts got me thinking about the lifestyle I want as well and all the stuff happening in the world. I like coaching but not the business side, especially with all the lockdowns happening and it scares me how long it could go for. i prefer the trading lifestyle.

The way he talks about mindflex and focus was a take home as well - i consciously decided to coach less and go hard on the trading as a focus and its starting to pay off. i can feel the shift and the numbers are starting to show."

RESULTS: Has gone hard into trading and has a new vision for freedom.

Luke Harvison

"A whole lot mate. I’ve got a much more broad vision and deeper understanding of the methods to take my project beyond where I thought possible a year ago.  Like waking up to the sun after a night shift."

RESULTS: New investments, ran an overnight event "Unbreakable"

Reiley Paterson

The biggest changes have been,

1) The Mindflex concept. Learn how to integrate or switch between different types of thinking so you can apply it to your reality to get results.

2) There is only results. Not good or bad, just results from actions.

3) The world is set up by the powerful for their control. the game is rigged. I always have had a n inkling, but now its pretty much confirmed.

4) Understanding my genius type. Like everyone else on here, I just thought I was fucken weird.

5) Give great value and you will be rewarded. People are going to spend more than they earn so they might as well spend it on something that you are providing that has value for them.

6) The Selves, we have many selves and we can use mindflex to switch between them for what we need to accomplish.

7) Back yourself and don't sell yourself short.

8) Find different economic vehicles to use for investing to do the heavy lifting.

9) Spiral Dynamics, finding where you sit on the spiral with things is a good indicator to understand why you might be stuck with something.

I really want to work with him next year.

This year has been one of the most beneficial experiences I have ever had.

Ben Roberts

Since starting with Paul...

I’ve grown so much not only as a business minded person, but better understanding of myself.I’m financially debt free, and now have the opportunity to set my family up for financial abundance.Life decisions have become more clearer and what’s best for me based of my situation currently in life and what journey I want to take.

Mitch Lingard

Knowing that in order to create wealth I must get off the working treadmill and create a product that I can automate online.

RESULTS: Built an online program, members site and massively increased cashflow.

Patrick Searson

"Obviously my skills of marketing understanding who I’m talking to have all increased which has been great.Putting more money into wealth protection.

The biggest would be my psychology and being more open to new ideas and working with others more.

My ability to just ask questions and not get reactiveMy confidence."

RESULTS: Hundreds of members more on his online training program!

Eamon Fisher

"My awareness around money and debt and the mass brainwashing society suffers from never having an education about money.

That new skills and education can be learnt quickly and can offer you multiple sources of income. And creating multiple income streams is key.Investing your leftover income in vehicles that can potentially do the heavy lifting to creating wealth.

My conversations around money and psychologically has changed. I no longer see money as a negative and more as a tool. I am moreFocused on creating wealth than ever before. I have also passed some of the things I have learnt to my family and friends.

I never thought I would enjoy learning to trade so much. For me this is where I have been investing a lot of time over the last months. I keep hearing Paul’s voice in my head saying “be patient, think long term and build up the skills on a demo account before going live with your own money”

Since meeting you and Paul I have realised how important mentors are. The last 18mth with Real MVMT and Paul has changed my path.

Life has only gotten better. 👍🏻"

RESULTS: Approaching trading as a future a key source of cashflow.

Tim Webber

Gaining a lot more clarity on what I want to do. Now it's figuring out how to go about it.

Feeling more comfortable financially, not that I wasn't previously but I have more confidence in the future as well.

Biggest thing is Paul gives you a different way to view the world and it can be challenging to how you previously though and the brain power it takes.

Things are slowly happening. Looking at some other emc guys I can feel like I'm not doing enough but I'm still happy with how it's all progressing.

Marcin Warzecha (Poland)

First time in my life I'm multiplying my savings instead of draining them.The big realization was that financial freedom and wealth is a SKILL. I have big confidence in my ability to learn new skills, so that gives me the confidence that it's just a matter of time before I achieve it.

I'm receiving answers to question that I would never know to ask!There is a feeling that I'm on a new path in life that was not existing before EMC.

The psychology side of the course is mind-blowing. I now have multiple tools to work on myself and others.

RESULTS: Started high-ticket consulting to gaming companies, launched his clothing business, getting into trading as a source of cashflow.

Terrance Remeka

From EMC I have gained the wealthing tools ie crypto, silver.. but I need to focus on income and at the moment my main source is at risk.

Mick Breen

Pretty much everything has changed! The way I see money, the way I see business, the way I see myself, the way I see the future.

Everything has turned upside in the best of ways and really opened up my eyes to what is possible and how much it relies on me.

The new tools and skills i have learnt over the last 12 months have been priceless and excited to gradually implement them over the coming years.

It is all just getting started to something so damn big!

Brandon Mateyard

I've gone all in on copywriting and it's going to be my only source of income now. I can see myself not having to go back on the fishing boats by the end of the year. Can't believe I've been able to achieve this in 1 year

1-1 With Paul

Nathan Gould

To be honest on a day to day basis not heaps but he’s just helped with little things in our business that’s helped generate more sales like no selling our products individually.

But I think it’s more so around my confidence with investing and all the stuff that I was learning I had someone to go back and forwards on ideas and give me clarity.

For example I was weighted more in precious metals more over crypto than when I first started but I was still buying crypto but just not as much as I seen the big drop in the last cycle but never really understood the whole fundamentals around these things before and to why they happen. But now that I understand it and see the vision for it long term I can hold and not panic with drop and manage my emotions way more around that.

But just things like that has made a significant increase to my net worth now over the last however many months it’s been

I've studied in mush more detail people like Michael Saylor, Raol Pal, Robert Breedlove, Bix Weir, the Crypto’s For All guy for all the crypto stuff then some guys on real estate cycles and then people on bitchute for like alternative thoughts on what’s going on in the world.

I feel like there has been so many 😂

Dan Garbett

The weekend was amazing, that is by far one of the greatest models of change i've been exposed to!

A lot has changed for me since working with Paul. I have much deeper understanding of human psychology,  behaviour and how to achieve and facilitate greater potential.

Which has given me a new level of confidence, dramatically shifted my mentoring style and helped me achieve greater results with my clients.

I sold my first $20k product and increased my income by 212% in six months. I have a much clearer idea of how to structure online programs an am on track to launch my next 12 week mentorship program in 6 weeks.