# Mission

What’s the most important next step for you?

One of the most common things to hear from men is that they don’t know what their purpose is.

It’s by design.

It’s a lie.

As soon as you move past it you’ll be a better man.

Solve the most immediate thing that needs to be solved.

I recently spoke to groups of men in other PRO player programs.

One of them came out with what most of them are thinking…

It’s great to talk about your INFINITE MISSION of creating the ultimate environment for man’s evolution BUT…

“I just need to work out how to get more money.”

And this is where most men are at.

If the mission right now is to get out from under the crushing boulder of financial pressure, do that.

That’s the mission.

I made this piece for the DM messages I get from men wanting more money,

Now the problem is that we’ve been socially engineered to disengage the creative faculty.

The creative faculty is the thing those destroying the Western man and the Western world hate.

And so the challenge becomes: how do we re-awaken the creative, self-driven abilities of men?

You can call it “reverse bonsai”… plants can’t express their fruits without their roots.

You can call it “escaping captivity”… animals don’t feel right in the zoo.

You can call it being on a “losing team”… no player is at his best on a losing team.

You can call it “the wrong boat”… it doesn’t matter how well you row if you’re in the wrong boat.

So for the last 15 years, I’ve been changing the environment & setting higher standards for men.

In sports that meant world championships & trophies.

With gym owners, it meant operating near capacity & opening second facilities while others closed.

In online business, it meant changing the way the world trains.

Now with villages, we’re creating the environments to further experiment with man’s possible evolution.

And that’s my mission.

To create the digital and physical environments for Man’s Possible Evolution.

Honestly, I knew I wanted to create these villages to see what was possible from around 23.

I was on my own in the time before smartphones travelling through Latin America.

I had time to think.

I had ZERO idea how I would ever get there and it took me 15 years to get my first one but I did it.

My INFINITE MISSION is to create multi-generational systems for Man’s Possible Evolution.

This is what Yoga, Philosophy, Psychology & some say Religion have strived for.

Winning more men back to this path & getting great results with those who choose the path is the game.

The ability for each man to support themselves & their family & beyond is a key part of the process but in itself is a hollow goal.

“I want to make 10k per month online so I can be free” is on the minds of millions of men.

But free to do what leaves most of the millions silent.

Free to express your athletic best? Ok, start doing that now.

Free to express your artistic best? Ok, start doing that now too.

Free to learn other languages? Ok, start doing that now.

We’ll scale up the amount of focus you can put into those activities.

The truth is the attention that could be going into your ideal experience is probably being stolen and wasted on things you’re not proud of.

Define your mission.

If you can already see your infinite mission then define that and share it.

In the fertile environment we’re creating in Uncommon Success it will take you much less time than me to express your gifts.

Beyond The Mission.

The biggest wins that come from being a man on a mission are:

  1. Who you become in the process
  2. Confidence for other missions with other high-achieving men.
  3. Winning the time to make ART of LIFE… more about this next.

Infinite Mission Prompts

  • Create farming & homesteading solutions at scale. (Chandler Jerrico)
  • Create an education system. (Ben Patrick)
  • Create a template for men’s development and family villages. (Nico De Paoli, Jorge… others beginning)
  • Leverage the best of technology to upgrade brains faster.
  • Create a system for the expansion of consciousness into amplified emotional abilities.
  • Create a system for the expansion of consciousness into amplified intellectual abilities.
  • Create the ultimate system for athletic freedom.

Other Missions

Men on missions thrive and attract great men and women into their paths.

It’s my experience that you can’t be a great father without being on a mission.

  • Improve public speaking & communication (Santana)
  • Teach better nutrition & body composition (Jorge)
  • NeuroDense - next generation custom strength training (Fabien)
  • Legacy Dads - a new path for fathers

There are many more.