How to get started with Disciplined Action Brotherhood:

You will be better when your environment requires it of you.

Plan your work days in advance.

DAB Elite requires business builders to improve their clarity, discipline & results.

Execute better days using the DAB (Disciplined Action Brotherhood - Discord)

    1. In 2024 those in the DAB Elite will meet at least once per day for around 30 minutes to update on their progress and hear the progress of team-mates.

    2. Share the big moves you made in the last 24 hours.
    3. State the key moves you’ll make in the next 24 hours.
    4. Give and receive feedback, build connections.

*DAB Elite updates happen 4 timess per day in DAB Discord:

Meeting 1: 12pm London (midday), 4am LA, 11pm Sydney

Meeting 2: 8pm London, 12pm LA (midday), 7am Sydney

Meeting 3: 12am London (midnight), 4pm LA, 11am Sydney

Meeting 4: 8am London, 12am LA, 7pm Sydney

The how, what & why of daily meetings:



Weekly Meetings will run on FRIDAY for 1 hour at 3 times throughout the day.

Meeting 1: 12pm London, 4am LA, 11pm Sydney

Meeting 2: 6pm London, 10am LA, 5am Sydney

Meeting 3: 12am London, 4pm LA, 11am Sydney

(You can find times for your time zones in our calendar at app.uncom.io)

All the highest achieving men you know have systems for increased productivity & consistency.

Most of them have executive assistants ($1k-10k per month) to guide them to extreme productivity.

The Origins & Philosophy of “Disciplined Action Brotherhood” DAB.

I recently spoke with a 24 year old who has equity in a combined portfolio of over 65M pounds.

There are 2 things about his self-management that stuck with me.

  1. He said that short daily meetings with his business partner
  2. He plans most of his actions 1-2 days in advance moving towards his targets.

In the beginning…

distraction was much less of an issue in the days before the internet.

Writing on paper.

The decision to go and turn the tell-a-vision on was much different to opening a new tab or picking up the phone.

Winning strategies for overcoming distraction are essential for results in 2024.

Lone Wolf Winners?

The more I learn the more I realise that success is always a team game.

Nobody is the complete package.

Those who claim to be self made always had key mentors, teachers & students.

If you’re reading this you have been blessed with great gifts you have yet to discover.

Understanding your gifts & helping others express theirs is at the core your hero’s journey.

Uncommon Pro designed to support you along that path.

Just work harder?

Uncommon Pro’s cited DISCIPLINE as their number one barrier to success.

For most men this simply isn’t true because working harder gets more of the same faster.

The hardest working people in the world are mining by hand in Africa.

However Uncommon Professionals have a proven path laid out for them and are surrounded by men who are at similar stages on similar paths.

For us professionals it is more of a question of showing up consistently & working methodically to get extraordinary outcomes.

Elite meetings work on an obvious practical level but also on a deep subconscious level.

When you’re constantly sharing about your goals visions & targets they become more likely.

In ‘23 we launched Disciplined Action Brotherhood with the “Deep Disciplined Action” channel.

In the beginning there was an hourly micro meeting.

Initially these were extremely powerful micro-networking and masterminding opportunities.

But the extreme frequency became a negative for those using the DAB for extended periods daily.

What To Do

  1. Join Disciplined Action Brotherhood-Discord
  2. Commit to your brothers to work LIVE in DAB-Discord
  3. Commit to the key actions & outputs for that time.
  4. Commit to the time you will attend one of the daily meetings.
  5. Join the telegram group that you fit into:



On these meetings you’ll state your progress and problem solve for key issues.

There are always issues.

Disciplined Action Brotherhood changed lives in 2023.

Disciplined Action Brotherhood will help you get even better results in 2024.

You’ll never be alone with Disciplined Action Brotherhood in 2024.

How can I get clearer on my vision to know what to do?

If you’re a strong starter you probably already have a lot of things you’re wanting to execute and you simply need to move on them. (Manifestor / manifesting generator)



Where can I learn more about DAB?

Complete the DAB course to get a clearer plan for life.

Book a call with Alvin or Lukas to work on your personal plan.

How long are the daily meetings and what is the format?

1-2 min update per person. Share what you’ve done last 24 hours and what you’ll do the next 24 hours. After everyone has shared, you can get back to action or keep the conversation going. Up to you. You can also continue a 1-1 conversation in the “connect”-channel

How many meetings can I join?

1 meeting every day is the minimum. You can join as many meetings as you want. They are hosted every 4 hours 24/7.

Where are the meetings hosted?

Daily meetings are hosted in “DAB ELITE” in Discord

Weekly Meetings Are Hosted in Zoom

What commitments are there?

Commit to 1 10-30 min Daily Meeting in Discord

Commit to 1 Weekly Meeting in Zoom

Commit to building your bussiness in 2024